ART SHAKE Contemporary arts festival
Created and directed by Emanuela De Notariis

III edition Roma - Berlin

BERLIN November 27th
@ 91mQ Art Project Space
curated by Emanuela De Notariis & Fabio Campagna

The third edition of ART SHAKE festival is nomadic, changed and changing because born from the instability of existence. It spreads like a virus, deadly to the lethargy of feelings only, and after its succesful one week event in Rome, takes new life in Berlin. Where in 91 mQ Art Project Space it presents a one day event with videoart, performance and music, conceived as a synergic exchange between the two cities. The videoart section, curated by Emanuela De Notariis, comes straight from Art Shake Roma, and gets connected to the performance of Berlin based artists, curated by Fabio Campagna.

ART SHAKE promotes art charachterized by hybrid languages and multiplicity of media, able to soothe the wounds of reality with wonder.
A fil rouge connects the different arts, all made of the blood of the controversial age we’re living in. They metabolize conflicts and uneasiness of our age, skinning it and gutting its socio-cultural superstructures. And then sewing new skins over it, made of imagination.
Today blogs and poetry, comics and art history are all equal sources of inspiration, masters of a language of signs with an highly sensitive power, remedies made of imaginary, for a schizoyd society.


(curator: Fabio Campagna)
Ambra Pittoni, Yusuke Yamasaki:
Dance is not for ever is an Ambra Pittoni’s performance and sound project, interpreted in this occasion by Yusuke Yamasaki, that investigates other linguistic options for the transmission of a dance piece. In order to present the true, undefined sense of the choreography, the dance is presented as a score of breathings. A rhythmic body text that defines itself trough changes and alterations.
Square Noises:
Square Noises is an experimental live set that combines contemporary dance practise and analog sound sources in order to analyse the function of body language within a improv music practise dimension.

(curator: Emanuela De Notariis)

Barbara Agreste - Andreco - Elena Bellantoni - Alessandro Cannistrà - Azzurra De gregorio - Ericailcane - Francesca Fini - Marco Giani - Luca Manes - Emiliano Monaco - Marco Morandi - Carlo Michele Schirinzi - Cosimo Terlizzi - Virgilio Villoresi
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